No, sorry. There is not enough space in the box to put a battery. If you want to use one you must use an adapter. 
If you don’t own one adapter, let me know. I will send you one for free.

That depends on national postal services, but generally Express shipping takes 5-10 business days to reach their destination.
Standard shipping takes between 20-30 business days to arrive at your door.

Any power supply designed to work at 9v with a negative center. I recommend the Truetone 1SPOT power supply. It cost less than one decent harp, and you can buy it everywhere in the world.  If you have doubts about whether your current power supply will work or not, send me a message.

I live and build the pedals in Chile.


Shipping values:

Within Chile: $4,000 CLP (1-2 business days)

To the rest of the world:

Standar  $20 USD (20-30 buisness days)
Express  $40 USD (5-10 business days)


All pedals have a full 5-year warranty.
The warranty applies to the pedal, not the original buyer, so even if you got the pedal used you can still aply to it.

The warranty covers any malfunction of the mechanical parts and the circuit. The repair is free, you only have to pay the associated shipping costs.

The full warranty is void if the pedal has been modified in any way, or if it has suffered direct damage due to user negligence (spilled beer, for example).

If the warranty is voided, we will repair the pedal, but you will have to pay the cost of the spare parts in addition to the associated shipping costs. 

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