SPLIT Is not only a 10M buffer, it is two 10M buffers! It is designed to ensure that there is no tone loss in your entire signal chain, while at the same time providing many routing options for your pedalboard and stage situations.

SPLIT consist of two independent high quality buffers in one enclosure. Both have a 10M input impedance, so you can use your beloved crystal microphones without losing tone. One of the buffers has two independent outputs, so it can feed two amps or send a copy of your signal to the PA.

How you can use the SPLIT?

There are 3 main ways that you can use the SPLIT:

1) Connect your mic straight into the SPLIT. It will preserve the tone of your mic no matter what comes after the SPLIT.

2) Use the SPLIT at the end of the chain to duplicate your signal, so you can use two amps, or send one signal to the PA

3) Use it as a pedalboard interface. Connect your microphone to the input B, then run your signal chain as usual. From the last pedal, return to the SPLIT to the Input A, then you have two outputs available for a second amp or a PA. This method will ensure that no matter how big is your pedalboard the quality of the signal stays intact.


You can download the manual at this link:

Download Manual


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